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The GARI conference is organizing international conference all around the world Every month for targeting diverse community of academics, researchers, developers, creators, educators, practitioners ,professionals, industry leaders & representatives, designers, students, and other persons who are interesting in. Our Ultimate theme is “Making practitioners for Tomorrow”. To achieve our objectives we need qualified Conference Co-Chairs, Key note Speakers, Scientific Reviewers, and Session Chairs.

The Conference Chair is responsible for all aspects of the conference, from coordinating the planning process and running meetings, to choosing conference content, publicity, proofing the printed program, working with sponsors and vendors, working with the hotel, etc. The details of the project as a whole are outlined in the descriptions of the subcommittees; the Chair is responsible for coordinating all the work in the subcommittees. The main responsibility of the Conference Chair is to create a conference that provides valuable content for the attendees including vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and registrants. GARI has expertise supportive team for you.

Our key note speakers should have sound academic and industry background on their subjects. Prepare & present industry findings on leading-edge research, innovative techniques and emerging trends through case studies, panel discussions and how-to models. A Keynote Speaker should be able to capture the essence of separate conference and be able to highlight it to our audience in a short period of time.

Scientific Reviewers or Peer review is the principal mechanism by which the quality of research is judged. Most funding decisions in science and the academic advancement of scientists are based on peer-reviewed publications. The main objectives of Scientific Reviewers to provide written, unbiased feedback in a timely manner on the scholarly merits and the scientific value of the work, together with the documented basis for the reviewer’s opinion
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